Chapter 9. Scenario: Adding Second Connection to your Existing ISP from Another Site

   Big Picture
        You're statically routed with ISP A
        You've ordered service from ISP B
    If you'll be using two different ISPs, then get an AS number from ARIN or APNIC or ?
    If you're using two connections to the same provider, then ask your provider which AS number to use
    Decide if connections to your ISPs will terminate on the same router or different routers
    Decide on a exit strategy for traffic from your AS
    Decide which routes you'll be receiving from which providers
    Decide on the prefixes you'll be advertising
    Create your objects in the ISP's routing registry if required
    Decide on a how your routes will originate
    Establish your IGP if necessary
    Configure your IGP to pick up default routes from BGP if necessary
    Confirm stability of IGP if you'll be doing IGP injection
    Assign loopback addresses if you have any plans for redundant paths within your AS
    Configure BGP on all routers within your AS
    Confirm that the prefixes you want to advertise are showing up in your BGP routing table with desired weights
    Confirm that changes within your AS have the desired effect on weights
    Establish BGP with peer1

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