Chapter 5. Steps to Reliability

Table of Contents
Establish List of Routes Your AS will Originate
Arrange Address Delegation
Establish an Addressing Plan
Make Network Architecture Decisions
Order Routers and Lines
Make Policy Decisions
Establish Transition Plan
Configure Routers
Turn Up BGP
Configure Ancillary Services

This chapter outlines all the major steps on the path to reliable Internet connectivity. Other chapters detail the decisions to be made and the actions to be taken. Here, I'll focus on getting the steps done in the right order and minimizing the total calendar time till you reach your goal.

Some steps will be interdependent. Some will be needed only in special circumstances. This chapter will keep you on track.

Establish List of Routes Your AS will Originate

     Collect a list of the addresses you've already been allocated
      Group them into CIDR blocks
      Discard prefixes smaller than /24
      What remains is a list of prefixes you can hope to advertise via BGP
      Record how your prefixes are advertised at a nearby NAP
      today for reference.

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