Chapter 14. Transition Tips

Telnet to an Interface in Each AS

Remember that your border routers will have interfaces in at least two different ASes. (Typically, their LAN interfaces will be in your AS and their serial ports will be in your ISP's ASes.) Use this to your advantage!

When configuring BGP from a telnet session to a router (i.e. not from the console port), configuration changes may cause temporary or permanent loss of communication with the router. Hence it's a good idea to have telnet connections to interfaces in each of your border routers ASes. Make sure that at least one connection that does not pass through your border routers.

For example

Need figure here showing border router and two telnet sessions

Needs flesh.

     Tips for making seamless transitions
        Try just a few routes first
        Get your 2nd ISP to run BGP before your first
        Have "cold standby" ports configured before router swaps
      Tips for re-addressing networks and hosts

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